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Harvest Today, Table Tomorrow

A Controlled Environment Agriculture Company

Who Are We?

Connect & Cultivate

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What is CEA?

Controlled Environment Agriculture is technology-based indoor farming that uses 90% less water than traditional farming techniques. The crops are pesticides free yielding fresh & local year-round production in Missouri.


Why Us?

The HarvestUp project will bring new agriculture technology jobs, workforce development, research and development opportunities, and a sustainable food source to rural communities. 

Join us and be part of advancing agriculture!


Our Produce

We are a wholesale supplier of big leafy greens, such as spinach, kale, and lettuce. We also grow herbs and microgreens - a sustainable and dependable supplier in central Missouri. 

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This project is about the community. HarvestUp will provide new jobs and educational opportunities.  We are investing in our community and its people by providing local & fresh food year-round.

Dave Westhoff Co-Founder & CEO


HarvestUp is creating a local environmentally friendly product. This project must focus on decreasing the environmental impacts of food production and utilizing future renewable energy sources.

Rana Bains Co-Founder & COO

Chat With Us

Ashland, Mo. 65010

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